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Great good!The state has given Hainan 30 special policies and measures!

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Sun Dahai, deputy secretary-general of the Provincial Party Committee and executive deputy director of the Provincial Party Committee Free Trade Office, introduced at the meeting that compared with the other 11 domestic free trade pilot zones, Hainan Free Trade pilot Zone has six major differences。

First, to establish pilot free trade zones in Hainan, we should not only copy, promote and deepen the institutional innovation of the existing pilot free trade zones, but also lay a solid foundation for actively exploring and steadily promoting free trade ports with Chinese characteristics。Taking the free trade port as the development goal and building the pilot free trade zone with high standards and high quality is the biggest difference between Hainan and the other 11 domestic pilot free trade zones。

The Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone covers the entire island of Hainan, which is 27 times the total area of the other 11 domestic pilot free trade zones, 32 times that of Hong Kong, 49 times that of Singapore, and 9 times that of Dubai。

Third, the object is different from the other 11 domestic free trade pilot zones, the vast majority are set aside a certain comprehensive bonded zone, customs special supervision zone, airport, seaport, industrial park, etc., to do the pilot, many areas only factories, enterprises, no residents, some areas will cover some community residents, but the population is not large。The Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone serves more than 9.1 million people in Hainan。

The construction of the Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone comprehensively covers three industries, deepening the opening up of modern agriculture, high-tech industries and modern service industries, and including ecological civilization, Marine economy and civil-military integration。

Hainan's reform measures involve adjusting existing laws or administrative regulations,It shall be implemented after being unanimously authorized by the National People's Congress or The State Council;Relevant departments of the central government shall meet the needs of Hainan's development and reform,Delegate relevant management rights in a timely manner,Give full autonomy to reform;Reform measures have been explored in 11 pilot free trade zones,Hainan may implement the law as needed。

The central government has set up a leading group to promote Hainan's comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up。Under the strong support of the Central Deep Reform Office, the Leading Group Office of Promoting Hainan's Comprehensive Deepening of Reform and opening up, and the Central Compilation Office,The provincial Party Committee is promoting institutional reform in the province,The Office of the Provincial Committee for Comprehensively Deepening Reform has been established,At the same time hang the provincial Free Trade Pilot Zone (Free trade port) working committee office sign。

Hainan has been granted 30 special policies and measures

Compared with other domestic pilot free trade zones, the pilot policies of Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone are better, and the "overall plan" gives Hainan 30 special policies and measures。

1.The Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone covers the whole island of Hainan

2.Special customs supervision areas shall be set up in accordance with development needs

3.Additional customs supervision and quarantine areas will be set up in Sanya to carry out the introduction and transfer of global animal and plant germplasm resources

4.We will deepen opening up of modern agriculture, high-tech industries, and modern service industries, and intensify opening up in key areas such as seed industry, medical care, education, tourism, telecommunications, the Internet, culture, finance, aviation, Marine economy, and new-energy vehicle manufacturing

5.Simplify licensing procedures for wildlife exports

6.The export of high-quality agricultural products is exempted from issuing inspection and quarantine certificates and filing

7.We will explore ways to establish a negative list management system for cross-border trade in services

8.We will support Belt and Road countries in establishing consular offices in Hainan

9.We will promote Haikou and Sanya to expand their air rights arrangements, including the fifth air rights, with countries and regions along the Belt and Road, improve the flight support capacity of airports, and attract airlines from relevant countries and regions to open routes via Hainan

10.Relying on the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, vigorously develop international medical tourism and high-end medical services, and study appropriate tariff reduction for some medical devices that need to be imported within the pilot zone and have high tariff rates

11.Support the development of clinical cutting-edge stem cell medical technology research projects

12.Support the holding of large-scale international exhibitions and festivals such as the International Commodity Expo, international film Festival, China (Hainan) International Marine Industry Expo, as well as exhibitions suitable for Hainan's industrial characteristics such as cultural tourism and international brands

13.To authorize the Pilot Free Trade Zone to formulate administrative measures for the practice of professionals from Hong Kong and Macao, allowing professionals in such service fields as finance, architecture, planning and patent agency qualified for practice in Hong Kong and Macao to provide professional services to enterprises in the pilot Free trade Zone after being registered

14.To build an international tropical agricultural products trading center, pricing center and price index release center with natural rubber as the main, and set up an auction center for tropical agricultural products

15.Relying on the pilot free trade Zone, we will develop and utilize Marine resources in a scientific and orderly manner, foster and strengthen a distinctive Marine economy, and build a service support base in the South China Sea

16.The administrative licensing power of non-vessel carriers and foreign-funded international ship management business will be delegated to Hainan Province

17.We will study and support Sanya and other cruise ports in participating in pilot high-seas Tours of Chinese-funded Flag of Convenience cruise ships, and include Hainan in international tourism routes with "one trip and multiple stops"

18.Hainan will be allowed to pilot temporary open waters approval for overseas yachts

19.Create an open development platform for South breeding technology

20.Delimit specific areas, establish global transfer bases for the introduction of plant and animal germplasm resources through designated port jurisdiction and strengthening biosafety management, and explore the establishment of transit isolation bases (protected areas), quarantine centers, germplasm preservation centers, and provenance trading centers

21.We will introduce cutting-edge scientific and technological resources such as international scientific research institutions and universities in the far-reaching Marine field, and build an international first-class deep-sea scientific and technological innovation platform

22.Build an open platform for space science and technology development, and promote commercial space development and international space cooperation

23.The People's Government of Hainan Province shall report land expropriation to The State Council for approval and the People's Government of Hainan Province shall be authorized by The State Council for approval

24.Carry out the reform of "minimal examination and approval"

25.We will establish a regional financial supervision coordination mechanism to strengthen the identification of major risks and the prevention of systemic financial risks

26.Hainan Province should strengthen the legislation of special economic zones, establish a management system commensurate with the requirements of the pilot, and establish a fair and transparent legal environment with a complete system

27.The tax policies that have been piloted and replicable in other pilot free trade zones can be piloted in Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone, and the policies of selective tariff collection and other related import and export taxes to promote trade can be piloted in the special customs supervision area of the pilot free trade zone

28.Other policies implemented in the pilot free trade zone, where in line with Hainan's development positioning, Hainan Province can be approved in accordance with the procedures for pilot free trade zones

29.We will accelerate the improvement of the policy on land replacement for military and civilian use

30.All relevant departments should, in accordance with the needs of the construction of Hainan pilot free trade Zone, delegate relevant management authority to Hainan Province in a timely manner, give it full autonomy in reform, strengthen guidance and services, and jointly promote the innovation of relevant institutions and mechanisms

A series of measures to further open up

Measures to further open up the Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone include: the full implementation of the pre-establishment national treatment plus negative list management system for foreign investment, and the cancellation of opening-up measures (those that were previously prohibited from foreign investment or required absolute Chinese control),It is adjusted to cancel the restrictions on foreign investment access or cancel the restrictions on the holding of Chinese shares, and relax the opening-up measures (the original provisions of the foreign share ratio is less,Adjust to allow foreign parties to raise the share ratio to a certain amount,Some areas allow foreign ownership), permitted opening measures (originally prohibited foreign investment,Adjust to allow foreign investment)。

De-liberalization measures include:

● Lifting restrictions on foreign ownership in the breeding of new varieties of vegetables and seed production

● Abolish the restriction that foreign insurance companies shall not engage in reinsurance business with their affiliates

● Cancel the registered capital restrictions of single-unit and single-ship subsidiaries set up by financial leasing companies in the Hainan Free Trade Pilot Zone

● The restriction on foreign ownership of domestic multi-party communication service business, Internet access service business for Internet users, storage and forwarding business will be abolished

● Abolish the foreign ownership limit of performance brokerage institutions

● Abolish the restrictions on foreign ownership in the design, manufacture and maintenance of ships (including sections), trunk lines, branch lines and general aircraft

● The restriction on foreign ownership of international maritime transport companies and international shipping agencies shall be abolished

● Remove restrictions on foreign investment in new energy vehicle manufacturing

● For foreign-funded engineering design (excluding engineering survey) enterprises providing services to Hainan in the Hainan Free Trade Pilot Zone, the engineering design performance requirements for investors when applying for qualification for the first time will be cancelled

● Restrictions on foreign investment in mail-order and online sales of general goods have been lifted

● Remove the minimum total investment and operating life restrictions of foreign-invested medical institutions

Liberalization measures include

● Relax the foreign ownership limit of life insurance companies to 51%

● The establishment of foreign-funded professional health and medical insurance institutions on a pilot basis

Permissible opening measures include:

● Allow qualified foreign financial institutions to set up foreign banks

● Allow qualified private capital and foreign financial institutions to jointly establish Sino-foreign joint venture banks

● Eligible Chinese-foreign joint venture travel agencies registered in the Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone are allowed to engage in outbound tourism business outside of Taiwan

● Allow the establishment of foreign-invested performance groups (controlled by the Chinese side)

● Foreign-funded enterprises are allowed to engage in the production and sale of game entertainment equipment, and game entertainment equipment that passes the content review of the competent cultural authorities can be sold to the domestic market

● Allow the establishment of wholly foreign-owned entertainment venues to provide services in the Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone

● Foreign investors are allowed to invest in domestic Internet virtual private network business (foreign ownership does not exceed 50%)

● Allow the establishment of wholly foreign-owned international ship management enterprises

● Foreign investors are allowed to engage in the design of luxury cruise ships and yachts in the form of sole proprietorship

● Wholly foreign-owned enterprises are allowed to engage in air transport sales agency business

● Wholly foreign-owned construction enterprises established in the Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone are allowed to undertake construction projects in the zone, not subject to the investment ratio of the two sides of the project

● Foreign professionals who have obtained the qualification of China's first-class registered architect or first-class registered structural engineer are allowed to set up architectural engineering design firms as partners in accordance with the requirements of corresponding qualification standards

● Allow the establishment of foreign investment credit investigation companies

● It is allowed to set up a Sino-foreign joint venture talent agency, and the foreign joint venture can own no more than 70% of the equity

● The establishment of Chinese-foreign cooperative business education and training institutions is permitted

● It is allowed to establish Chinese-foreign cooperative business vocational skills training institutions

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